What we thought of new residency ONYX at Space Ibiza

July 4, 2016
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What we thought of new residency ONYX at Space Ibiza

By Lisa Marks

Enter the darkness of ONYX, an antidote to administer Berlin inspired techno delivered on its promises turning the Terrace at Space Ibiza into a dance floor dedicated to the serious. Expectations were high for the opening party of this party that promised a unique vibe and a deeper rawer sound evocative thanks to Russian DJ and producer Mikaela.

The antidote to the vocal heavy Balearic happiness I’ve been immersing myself here on the White isle, this night promised to be a futuristic statement. I’m not sure if everyone packing out the darkness of the Space’s dance-floor completely got the concept of finding light within the darkness. The less artistic amongst us might even be slightly confused as to why a dancer was caged in what looked like a glass box but the night is meant to take us off into places we weren’t expecting to go. Seeing the writhing dancer trapped and chained took me off into the grim industrial future, evoking thoughts of a bleak and harsh urban landscape.

Nothing has been left to chance as inspiration came from the urban and permissive Berlin scene bringing it back to the iconic edginess of Space, and there couldn’t be a more perfect place for a no nonsense night. I’ve long been fan of Dave Clarke and he’s up at the top of my reasons for wanting to come to this night despite the no vocals policy, it’s no surprise that one of DJ magazines all time techno greats got me back to loving stripped down and minimalistic beats that I didn’t realise I’d been missing until I stopped into a Berlin night here in Ibiza.

In contrast with the dark intent atmosphere the music is perfect in its purity and simplicity. Transported to bring the hedonism of his city, Benjamin Damage’s intense sound, perfectly fit the serious vibe of this night and why it is strictly for aficionado’s of this stripped back sound. Whilst my Berlin familiar friends loved the rawness of the music for me the no vocal policy is a little too stripped back but with line-ups promising diversity from Italian DJ and producer Pirupa to Josh Wink, mixed  with b-Traits and the Mambo brothers, this night promises to join the unexpected and the different. It kicked off big style with Starlight and Surgeon continuing the dark and excitable way that characterises proper Techno parties.

Walking out of the black, intense world of the ONYX dance floor and returning to normality to a world where the music is softer and less heart pounding, I can say that if this is your vibe then it’s your tribe. For me I’ll be heading down a Berlin back street… I must have missed the psychedelic visuals trapped in clouds of smoke on a rammed corner but whilst it might not be packed to capacity this might be a fitting summer of darkness for some.

I can’t imagine a more perfect pairing than the last season of Ibiza’s most idiosyncratic nightclub, Space Ibiza and new night, ONYX. I’ll be back to enter the underground world next week. For tickets to the next ONYX event click here, to explore the darker side of techno from the VIP section then get a quote from us here.


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