What we thought of the mighty Warriors at Sankeys Ibiza

July 10, 2016
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What we thought of the mighty Warriors at Sankeys Ibiza

By Pearl Angelica Ford

Arriving at Sankeys Ibiza at half past midnight is an keen move. So it wasn’t surprising that the notorious ‘Basement’ was scattered with specks of people establishing some sort of two-step, and a few early arrivers exploring the premises in the darkly lit, red tinted club.

Deciding to let the night warm up, I wandered up the stairs to the open air roof terrace. Tourists and workers alike will later gather here like animals around a watering hole, feeding each other water and oxygen balloons, making light conversations and new friends.

At this time however, the terrace is an open and quiet space with Boke, the island’s acclaimed graffiti artist setting up. Behind him, he has a blank canvas to work on, with metallic and neon canisters to get creative with throughout the night.

Next to terrace is the infamous cinema room. Its reputation as a hub, for nesting the dazed and distorted minds and creating a serial visual feast for many eyes as the night progresses. Tonight’s film was “A Scanner Darkly”.

Half way down the stairs, I could already hear that this room had filled up nicely and the energy was starting to feel contagious as more people filled the gaps to Jamie Roy’s deep and punchy beats, keeping the ravers engaged but comfortable in their sways. Surrounded by speakers, compressed by low ceilings and dark lighting, the base hits you in the centre of your chest, and the floor vibrates under your feet.

Leading into Waifs and Strays set, the basement was throbbing, nearly fully compacted, and this is where the night really kicked off. Waifs and Strays got the crowd from a 3 to an 8 and the atmosphere was starting to feel like a typical Warriors’ Sunday. Noticing a movement at the back, I started to walk towards the Lab and was perfectly in time for the opening of the second room in Sankeys.

Attracting only handfuls of curious ravers lead by the beat, the lab was fully set and ready to compete with the basement. Leftwing and Kody was first up to play fiddler to the basement’s crowd. The lab had taken the spill from the packed basement and was now on par with atmosphere and energy. The crowd was lifting their hands and smiling like Cheshires to “Marilyn Monroe” by Tim Baresko.

With more room to dance and I believe to be a clearer sound system in the lab, a feeling of unison within the crowd is felt and not so much a dark bubble of your own experience, like in the basement, but there’s a time and place for each room as your journey continues into the night.

Reaching nearly 2.30am it was time to jump back into to basement to catch the start of the man himself, a five time DJ award winner, Steve Lawler. Lawler dropped Westside by Dankey, which tickled the crowd and got the high energy and packed room to a 10.

A quick glance on the terrace showed that Boke had completed a flamboyant, abstract piece of art, signed ‘Capadi Rebels’ in metallic gold, Capadi Rebels playing host to the Spectrum room in Sankeys every Sunday.

The Spektrum had attracted a number of people making the most of the seating booths and dancing on the rugs laid on the floor before the DJ. Very much a homely ambience, you could feel as though you’ve wandered into a really decent house party.

Back in the lab, Santé and Sidney Charles had the crowd at his fingertips and the atmosphere was electric and bouncy. Bringing the crowd together, Charles kept us engaged and moving in ways of unison, making the closing to Warriors in the lab.

Warriors is the obvious choice for a Sunday night in Ibiza, so join Steve Lawler and his a-list guests every Sunday at Sankeys, for tech house and good times. For tickets click here and for VIP tables, message us for a quote.



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